Ecology and technology are no contradiction.

Sustainability and corporate success are not mutually exclusive

Sustainability in resource use has a long tradition at bedra. All our environmental protection measures are summarized under the name bedraGREEN.

    Our efforts to work sustainably are based on three essential pillars:

    • Ecological obligations
    • Economic responsibility
    • Technological care

    Based on this we can continuously develop product quality and further develop our market leadership. The fact that we are able to promote the idea of quality under these conditions is impressive evidence that sustainability and corporate success are not mutually exclusive.

    In concrete terms, we’re achieving our level of sustainability with measures like these:

    • Resource-conserving melt
    • Optimization of emission values
    • Energy savings through efficient process technology
    • Water savings and protection through closed-system circuits
    • Using our energy management system for DIN EN ISO 50001:2011

    Sustainability with a holistic approach

    We are committed to the RoHS, TSCA, POP, California Proposition 65, CMRT and REACH guidelines. We achieve product and process compliance through:

    • Avoiding lead in manufacturing
    • Lead substitutes in electroplating using pure tin electrolytes

    Environmental measures that are not one-time actions. They follow a holistic approach that we call bedraGREEN. It goes beyond water, air, and soil protection. Everyone involved benefits from the sum total of all measures through our consistently high product quality.

    Download certificates

    • Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ende
    • Certificate DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 ende
    • Certificate DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 ende
    • Certificate DIN EN 13479:2017: Conformity of factory production control welding consumables ende
    • VdTÜV 1153:2017: Certificate of approval testing of bedra welding consumables ende
    • Declarations of conformity (REACH + SVHC; RoHS + Extension, POP, TSCA, California Proposition 65 & CMRT) ende
    • Declarations of conformity (Halal, vegan, free from animal ingredients, without animal testing, EC 1223/2009, free of microplastics, FDA) ende

    Berkenhoff GmbH (headquarters)

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    • 35452 Heuchelheim
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    Berkenhoff GmbH

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