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Continuous further training for qualified employees

Targeted personnel development forms the basis for a workforce that we can justifiably call outstandingly trained and highly qualified. We can say this because each individual employee is willing to perform, has team spirit, and is motivated. And it’s also because constant learning is a high priority in our company. It’s expressed in a comprehensive range of different qualification measures.

Continual training and education are part of our employees’ everyday lives. We rely on both internal and external training. We also take good care of our junior staff. We support trainees to the best of our ability to develop their skills and abilities. Particularly in view of the demographic change in society, it’s an important component of our future business success.

Training courses at the Berkenhoff Competence Center

The Berkenhoff Competence Center (BCC) is the central and first point of contact for internal training. Modern seminar rooms are available for training our employees. Continuing and advanced training courses with practical content can use our application laboratory. It’s equipped with high-quality EDM machines from well-known manufacturers and represents the current state of the art. Practice-oriented workshops also have modern EDM machines.

All in all, the BCC offers ideal conditions to maintain our qualifications at the level we are known for. The Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Dr. Tobias Nöthe, will lead and inspire our company-wide leadership in the areas of know-how and knowledge. As a member of the management board, he is the company's first point of contact for wire solutions for spark erosion. Dr. Nöthe is also a keynote speaker on fine wire who is in great demand worldwide.

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