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For more than 130 years we have been synonymous with innovative high-tech precision wires. From our plants in Heuchelheim and Herborn we serve the needs of our customers all over the world. We developed the bercoweld® series for brazing and welding copper and copper alloys. In 2021 we expanded our wire portfolio to include high-quality aluminium alloy filler metals. For this purpose, we have combined our experience of more than 130 years in wire production with the latest technologies and specialists from the aluminium sector. That‘s why we can now produce aluminium welding wires in well-known high bedra quality: berAlweld®

Our complex range of wire electrodes for brazing and welding provides the right product for every application.

Our range of wires for brazing and welding currently comprises more than 30 alloys of the following material groups:

  • Low-alloy copper alloys
  • Tin bronzes
  • Aluminium bronzes
  • Copper-nickel alloys
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Special alloys

No matter whether you prefer MIG/MAG brazing or welding, TIG welding, laser and plasma brazing, or wire flame spraying: The bercoweld® and berAlweld® range is as diverse as your applications. This is one reason why renowned companies from the automotive industry, plant construction, and the offshore and onshore sectors rely on bercoweld® and berAlweld® as a fundamental component of an innovative joining technology.

Besides our brazing wire and welding wire assortment you will also find suitable accessories for your copper and aluminum applications. In the field of accessories we offer together with a partner complete solutions from hoods to the complex conveyor systems.

Discover our brazing and welding wire series as well as our accessories now:

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Ulrike Ogorzelski

Ulrike Ogorzelski

Sales Director Welding Copper Europe
bedra Germany

Christian Witt

Christian Witt

Sales Director Welding Aluminium Europe
bedra Germany

Tim Joseph

Tim Joseph

Sales Director Welding North America
bedra USA

Gini Xia

Gini Xia

Sales Director Assistant Welding Asia
bedra China

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