intelligent wires

Innovative high-tech precision wires – leading in quality and performance

As a top international manufacturer of high-quality precision wires of non-ferrous metals, we distinguish ourselves in the market through high quality and smart services.

Absolute customer focus. This is a long tradition for us – ever since the company was founded in 1889. Our ability to innovate, along with our well-known reliability, set us apart. These two strengths have made bedra a leader in quality and a leader in the market. We manufacture in Germany. Year after year, our plants produce more than 30 million kilometers of precision wire – in over 100 alloy versions.

All services from a single source. This is what we offer our customers. Casting, rolling, drawing, annealing, and electroplating – we are the only manufacturer of precision wires to develop complete production chains ourselves. To our customers’ advantage. Because this means 100% traceability, consistently high quality, and a processing reliability that meets the highest demands. We take a proactive approach to the future. Together with our partners from industry and research, we continually create new products and processes.

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Berkenhoff GmbH (headquarters)

  • Kinzenbach plant
  • Berkenhoffstrasse 14
  • 35452 Heuchelheim
  • Germany

Berkenhoff GmbH

  • Merkenbach plant
  • Rehmühle 1
  • 35745 Herborn
  • Germany

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