EDM cost comparison calculator

Compare EDM wires and identify your savings

With our EDM cost comparison calculator you can quickly & easily compare your current EDM wire with our products, but also with standard competitor products. This allows you to see possible cost savings at a glance. The only requirement is that you know the specification and performance of your current EDM wire, as well as the hourly machine rate and / or the electricity costs of your EDM machine.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Decide how many EDM wires you want to compare. You have the choice between a comparison of two or three different EDM wires.
  2. Choose your preferred unit (€ / meter or $ / feet).
  3. Use the dropdown menu to select the wires you want to compare. All bedra EDM wires and anonymized competitor products are also available for selection.
  4. Select the wire diameter and the wire run-off speed using the slider. Enter the wire prices (per kg) of the products to be compared. If you do not know the prices of our products, please ask your authorized dealer. You can find them here.
  5. An exemplary cutting time for each of the selected wires is already preinstalled. You are welcome to adjust the cutting time of the first selected wire individually to your application. The cutting time of the other comparison products is calculated automatically based on their respective cutting performance. However, you can also adjust the cutting times manually at your convenience.
  6. Enter your hourly machine rate (without electricity and wire costs), the number of machines and shifts. If you want to make a calculation based only on wire and electricity costs only, move the slider for the hourly machine rate to € 0. The electricity tariff can also be entered additionally if the hourly machine rate is specified. If no machine rate is entered, the specification of the electricity tariff is mandatory.

Having entered the above date, you will promptly see the unit costs of your part, divided into wire costs, machine costs and electricity costs (if entered). Furthermore, you will also see the possible savings and the productivity per EDM wire. You can also find more tips in the cost comparison calculator explanation video on YouTube.

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