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At bedra, we are more than just a manufacturer. In addition to our products, we offer comprehensive services and complete solutions that increase our customer's efficiency. This also includes our new range of accessories for copper and aluminium applications in the field of welding and brazing. Here, together with a partner, we offer complete solutions from hoods to complex conveyor systems. In this way, we minimize wire tangles, knots and loops, thus reducing tensile force as well as abrasion, which leads to a significant increase in productivity. We currently offer the following products:


Safe wire feeding from the drum to the machine

The Maxiglide is a conveyor system that transports the wire from the drum to the machine via a roller system. This allows the wire to be conveyed smoothly over a distance of up to 40m. No conveying loss, individual plug-in connections



Prevents knots and wire tangles

The Twister gently and reliably compensates for the torsion of the wire with a controlled counteraction. The carefully matched components and gears prevent any wire tangles, loops and knots. The pressure is regulated via a clutch that actuates the feed rollers. This relieves the operator and saves time.

twister darstellung


Gives the wire the optimal cast

For use with aluminium and copper alloy wires. With this high-quality straightener, the wire cast can be adjusted in a targeted manner. It is to be placed preferably in front of the feed unit and thus ensures a uniform wire run up to the welding position.

richtwerk darstellung

Further Accessories


Hoods enable safe wire feeding from the drum to the machine with hoods in various designs. You can find all versions in our spool overview.

Heavy duty drum dolly

Heavy duty drum dolly for drums with a diameter or width of 51-62 cm, max. load 500 kg


Lifter for drums with a diameter of 51 cm, max. load 500 kg

Further accessories on request

Further accessories to increase your efficiency on request. Contact us, we will be pleased to help you.

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Christian Witt

Christian Witt

Sales Director Welding Aluminium

Ulrike Ogorzelski

Ulrike Ogorzelski

Sales Director Welding Copper

Our customers report

Higher process reliability with new accessories for copper and aluminum applications

Problems with voltage fluctuations and breakage of the arc?

At one of our customers, the combination of drum and machine caused the arc to break off during the spraying process. The arc broke off about 10 to 15 times during an arc time of 15 minutes and thus led to spraying errors. In addition, voltage fluctuations caused considerable additional work compared to the use of coils, as the faults had to be turned out manually. Understandably, the customer then decided to dispense with drums and continue using coils. However, a drum has the advantage over spools of providing a longer run, fewer interruptions, and therefore lower costs. We at bedra wanted to tackle this challenge and solve the problem together with the customer. 

Problem solution made by bedra

After extensive discussions and a problem analysis, we were able to implement a solution together. First, on our advice, the customer replaced the knurled conveyor rollers with smooth V-shaped rollers and exchanged the cores in the burner. This already eliminated the first sources of error in the process. Another part of the solution was the use of our accessories for copper and aluminum applications, which also allowed drums to be reused. By integrating the Maxiglide, we worked with the customer to reduce the tensile force and thus the abrasion for the wire feed. This also extends the service life of the current contact nozzles and thus reduces costs. The Maxiglide itself is a conveyor system that transports the wire from the drum to the machine via a roller system. This allows the wire to be conveyed smoothly over a distance of up to 40 metres.

In wire conveying, one is always faced with the challenge of compensating for the jump of the wire in the drum. Thanks to the Twister, which compensates for the torsion of the wire with a countermovement, the knots are reduced in the drum. Thanks to the transparent cover and the rotary movement of the twister, the customer can see at first glance whether the process is running without errors. This provides an additional advantage in the process.

The installation of the Booster brought a further improvement. The Booster is a permanent conveying support that functions independently of the wire feed. In the customer's special application, this completely eliminated the slip, which was about 1.5 cm on the outside compared to the inside over a length of 3 m without the Booster. Another plus point for the Booster is that the customer receives information about the end of the drum and the welding wire consumption in kg/h, giving him a better overview of the working process. Messages from the system can be integrated directly into the company's internal network. In this way, possible faults are detected at an early stage and can be rectified quickly. 

In addition, we presented the Budwelder to the customer. This increases productivity by using the welder to connect the end of the wire already in use with the beginning from the new drum. Thus, our customer saves 15 minutes of working time per wire change. 

Goal: Customer satisfaction is achieved

With the installation of our accessories, we were able to find a holistic solution to several challenges. This ensures satisfaction for our customer and we at bedra remain true to our promise to increase the efficiency of our customers.

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Ulrike Ogorzelski

Ulrike Ogorzelski

Sales Director Welding Copper Europe
bedra Germany

Christian Witt

Christian Witt

Sales Director Welding Aluminium Europe
bedra Germany

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