Anchor wire – ungrooved, grooved, or double-sided grooved

Perfectly tailored to your requirements

For decades we have anchored our patented bedra® anchor wires in high-quality toothbrushes and fine brushes. High-quality bedra anchor wires are perfectly tailored to your requirement profiles. They are available ungrooved, single-sided, or double-sided grooved. From the melt to the packaged product, we produce our anchor wires completely in-house. All our anchor wires are impressive due to their high pull-out resistance in end products.

Manufacturing using operating materials harmless to one´s health

The manufacturing of bedra anchor wires is made exclusively with NSF registered products. This forward-looking manufacturing of anchor wires exceeds the legal requirements and offers the following advantages:

  • Standard for all bedra anchor wires
  • Harmless to one‘s health
  • Approved worldwide

Our standard alloys

Anchor wire made of nickel silver alloy: Ns10 (CuNi10Zn27) 

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Anchor wire made of nickel silver alloy: Ns12 (CuNi12Zn24) 

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Anchor wire made of brass alloy: Ms63 (CuZn37)

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In our own foundry we can produce more than 100 alloy variants. 

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Dimensions & tolerances

Smaller wire, bigger effect: reducing wire sizes will save material and thus costs. Therefore our standards are already starting at 1.00 x 0.20 mm. The fact that here minimum format and maximum quality go together is a strong argument in favor of bedra. Closest tolerances, high tensile strength, reproducibility and perfect suitability also for electric toothbrushes are certainly standard. On request we also develop wires to your specific requirements: in your special profiles, with your specific edge designs.

In the following you will find the standard sizes and standard tolerances of our anchor wire: 

  • 1.000 x 0.200 mm
  • 1.200 x 0.200 mm
  • 1.300 x 0.250 mm
  • 1.400 x 0.250 mm
  • 1.524 x 0.254 mm

± 0,01 mm thickness (tolerance)
± 0,02 mm width (tolerance)

Other dimensions and tolerances available on request.

Spool dimensions

Type Weight [kg] Flange [mm] Core [mm] Bore [mm] Inner size [mm] Outer size [mm]
SD300 12,0-15,0 300 212 51,5 91 103
SD200 5,0 200 105 50,5 45 55
AD200 5,0 200 75 65 50 58
K160 7,0 160 100 22 128 160
P5 5,0 160 90 20 90 115
KM150 4,6 150 76 16 70 92
K125 3,6 125 80 16 100 125

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