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We have a different understanding of service: With love for our work and with great attention to detail, we take good care of you even before you become our customer. So how does that work? Quite simply, our proximity to our customers means that we know what information you need and what makes your production more efficient. Our site offers you a range of smart tools that can help you improve your performance and find the right wire for your application.

Wire finder

Our wire finder makes it easy for you to find the right wire for your purpose. In the area of EDM, only three steps are required. First select the machine manufacturer. Then determine the correct machine type. In the third step, enter the planned application and you will automatically get our product recommendation. For the areas of welding and brazing as well as  ELAS, contact people are available in the wire finder.

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Alloy finder

The selection of the right alloy can sometimes be a challenge. In addition to personal consultation, we would like to provide you with our new alloy finder as a tool to make your search more efficient and successful. You will quickly find the right wire four your application.

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Metal price information system

Metals are subject to daily price fluctuations. To help in reliable planning, we provide you a metal price information system that’s easy to use. The system displays overviews of currencies, and prices of raw metals and bedra alloys. You can choose between three views in a visually appealing design. The daily updated results are displayed to you either as a graphic, a table, or a monthly average.

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Spool overview

Please use our detailed spool overview. Here we have prepared all relevant information for you about our range of spools in detail and clearly arranged. With our ample spool illustrations, you can quickly and easily get a comprehensive overview of our product range.

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Elapsed-time and run-length calculator

The elapsed-time and run-length calculator is of real practical value in everyday production. Depending on the spool type, you can read the spool weight and elapsed times at different speeds. In addition, information is displayed on the respective wire diameter and the running length of the spool. You will find the elapsed-time and run-length calculator directly on the respective product pages. An overview of all run-off lengths and run-off lengths can be found in the following table.

Overview elapsed-time and run-length

Media center

In our media center you will find all company-relevant videos like product videos, location videos or tutorial videos.

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bedra FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Are you looking for quick answers to the most important questions about spark erosion (EDM)? Check our bedra FAQ.

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Product information as PDF for printing or downloading

You can easily view all important product information in a PDF file. Just click on the button PDF datasheet on the relevant product detail page and you will receive a PDF file which you can download or print. Since the PDFs are created in real time, you will always have the latest product information.

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