bedra360 - our sustainability principle

Recycling materials offers advantages for all parties involved.

With considerable effort, we are working to extend our claim to leadership in the field of environmental protection. Our core project is the bedra360 loop system in the area of spark erosion. In general, this means a system for taking back recyclable materials. Copper and brass wires will be returned and recycled in a closed-loop system.

The aim is to establish an efficient and very effective take-back system without friction losses and with positive effects on the environment as an integral part of our processes. This is a recycling loop which, for efficiency and to maintain our concept of quality, takes place within bedra. To ensure the level is maintained, bedra360 is based on the strictest DIN tolerances.

Smart cycles to protect the environment

Recirculation of recyclable materials for reprocessing

With our sustainability principle bedra360 we are also meeting a growing need for more sustainability in the industry. Since we are the only manufacturer in Europe that can work 100 percent process-self-sufficient from the melting of the primary material to the drawing of the finished wire and at the same time guarantee the highest quality, we will definitely break new ground in this field.

On the practical level, the take-back system works as follows: For our direct customers (the specialist trade) we provide special containers. The recyclable wire is collected in these. bedra then gathers the collection containers for recirculation. Reprocessing then takes place in our plants in the form of cleaning, melting, and casting.

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