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We provide comprehensive services alongside our high product quality and brand value. We are convinced that the combination of these two areas will result in an attractive package for our customers. Thanks to our extensive sales and service network, we are represented in all the world's significant markets. Around 50 representatives and distributors around the world keep us close to our customers.

We are also represented by our own subsidiaries in the important markets of China, Vietnam and the US. Not only have they contributed significantly to our reputation, but their local presence in key locations has enabled us to effectively support our customers with our comprehensive range of services.

A competent partner supporting our customers’ interests

Staying interconnected is our way to invest in our distinctive service philosophy, because: Business success also gives rise to commitments. For us these mean that we support our customers in all processes. Fast reactions to the wishes of our customers and expert technical support are important factors that set us apart from the competition in increasingly tight global markets. That’s why this area is so important to us.

Above all, when it comes to technical support, we stand by our customers. Proactively and together, our engineers work intensively on testing new and existing products. The aim here is to constantly improve performance and develop market leadership. At the same time, we make use of our close relationships to further develop what already exists. Often the expertise of the manufacturer and the customer's knowledge stimulate further innovations. Development know-how and in-depth practical knowledge complement each other ideally in these cases and result in smart solutions based on the best-in-class principle.

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Berkenhoff GmbH (headquarters)

  • Kinzenbach plant
  • Berkenhoffstrasse 14
  • 35452 Heuchelheim
  • Germany

Berkenhoff GmbH

  • Merkenbach plant
  • Rehmühle 1
  • 35745 Herborn
  • Germany

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