Innovations secure the future.

Investments and ideas consolidate our market leadership.

Expertise is the prerequisite for our success. Innovations are visible proof of our own capabilities. Our innovations have their home in the Berkenhoff Competence Center. Not only do we continuously expand our know-how here with important basic research, but we also work in detail on tailor-made solutions and technologies. Theory and practice come together at the Berkenhoff Competence Center.

Innovations are a central thread of the company.

We enjoy a good reputation in the industry. And that’s not without good reason: After all, we are generally regarded as the innovation leader in the field of EDM wires. A look at the past 50 years shows how large our contribution has been to the development of new generations of wire. At intervals of a few years, we have succeeded in continuously developing wires: Copper wires (1969), brass wires (1976), galvanized wires (1979), diffusion annealing wires (1987), composite wires (1998), gamma-phase wires (2001), up to our latest innovation TRIMPAC® (2019) – all of this started as innovations in our company. To this day, these generations of wire are the basis of our good reputation and quality.

Electroplating equipment conserves resources.

Our own electroplating plays a key role. Its wire coating system guarantees high-quality electronic, EDM, and special wires. With our own patents, we can manufacture highly complex wires, some with multiple coatings. The range is enormous: Our spectrum ranges from simple pure tin coatings through variants with nickel or copper barrier layers to multi-layer technology.

For all these processes we can ensure compliance with the RoHS guideline in both alloy composition and electroplating. With our new electroplating equipment, we have been able to further increase our process speed. At the same time, the equipment protects the environment and requires up to fifty percent less fresh water due to its recirculation of process water. Further advantages and value-added services of our new electroplating system:

  • In-house coating for specified surfaces
  • No need for service providers
  • Short reaction times
  • Self-monitoring of process parameters
  • Our own wet-chemical laboratory
  • Test equipment such as X-ray fluorescence

bedra360 – more sustainability in the industry

The latest proof of our innovative ability is the bedra360 sustainability concept for spark erosion. In this way, we assume responsibility and devote ourselves to the pressing issues of environmental protection. We’re planning to put a system on the market for taking back recyclable materials that is so smart that everyone involved will benefit from the new service – first and foremost the environment. In a sophisticated recycling loop, wire recyclable materials are collected in special containers and returned to us for reprocessing.

Since we are the only manufacturer in Europe to independently map all processes from the melting of the primary material to the drawing of the finished wire, we are predestined for such a service. This enables us to meet our customers’ need for greater sustainability.

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Dr. Tobias Noethe

Dr. Tobias Noethe

Head of R&D, Process Engineering and Intellectual Property
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