Resistance wire finder

Find the right resistance wire for your application

With our resistance wire finder you can quickly & easily find a suitable resistance wire for your application. 


Proceed as follows:

  1. In our resistance wire finder 3 different input parameters are available to determine your wire recommendation: Resistance (Ω/m), Diameter (mm) and Conductivity soft (MS/m). Please fill in two of the three possible physical properties of your desired resistor wire.
  2. When entering the diameter (mm), you have the option to specify an exact diameter (fill field 1), or a diameter range (fill both fields for diameter).
    Then press the "Search recommendation" field. The Resistance Wire Finder will automatically calculate the third physical property that you did not enter.
  3. Based on the calculated physical properties, a resistor wire recommendation as well as possible alternatives are determined for you below the input mask. Furthermore, the actually required wire diameter (mm) or resistance (Ω/m) of the wire recommendations is calculated based on the parameters you entered.

For a better comparison of the displayed recommendation and alternatives, you can see the meters per kilo, the metal price (€ / 100 kg) as well as the metal price per meter (€ cents) at a glance.

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