Brand new: Aluminium welding wire finder

Find the right aluminium welding wire for your application

The tedious comparison of data sheets is now a thing of the past! With our new aluminium welding wire finder you will find a suitable welding wire for your application quickly and easily. The only requirement: You know which standard (AWS or ISO) you are working with and you know the two base materials you would like to weld.

Based on the standard you selected and the two base materials, the aluminium welding wire finder immediately identifies a welding wire recommendation for you. (For certain base material combinations, there is an additional question regarding a possible approval for shipbuilding.)
You then have the option of contacting us directly by requesting a quote based on the recommendation or requesting a call back for more detailed consultation.

The following explanation video shows you how intuitive the aluminium welding wire finder is to use and should help you find your way around more easily


Find the right aluminium welding wire for your application now!


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