berAlweld®: aluminium welding wires

bedra adds aluminium welding wire to portfolio

Lightweight is in demand: Applications in which aluminium wire is relevant are a growth market, not least because the metal is so lightweight. In the automotive sector in particular, and especially in electric vehicles, such applications are in demand to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. Aluminum is also increasingly being used e.g. in boat and shipbuilding, furniture production, heat exchangers and many other fields.

This is why we are expanding our welding wire portfolio to include high-quality aluminium alloy filler metals. For this purpose, we have combined our experience of more than 130 years in wire production with the latest technologies and specialists from the aluminium sector. That’s why we can now produce aluminum wires in well-known high bedra quality: berAlweld®

berAlweld® includes 9 different product variants and is suitable for the standard welding processes known as TIG welding (tungsten inert gas) and MIG welding (metal inert gas). The 1,000 series includes pure aluminium wires more for general applications, while the 4,000 and 5,000 series with their different compositions (aluminium plus silicon, manganese or zinc) are suitable for industrial purposes.

Furthermore, we not only acts as a manufacturer and supplier of the wires, but also offers support in wire delivery with suitable accessories. The Maxiglide system has proven effective, a roller-based liner, which we likewise stock as an accessory.


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