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blac technology - new products exclusively for the US market

The blac layer is significantly different than typical Gamma class wires. The blac technology is an innovative reconstituted structure that combines a microstructured surface with tiny aggregates of semiconductor materials, which are uniformly distributed and embedded into the surface. As a result more energy is transferred into the workpiece with each spark, which of course increases the amount of material removed with each spark. However, that is only part of the benefit. The consistency of particle distribution within the coating promotes better stability and a higher percentage of cutting pulses to be applied to the workpiece. The combined result is a faster cutting rate.

This consistency can be seen by looking at a 500x view of the blac technology structure compared to a view of a typical Gamma coating. It is visually apparent that the consistency of the coating is much greater than that of the Gamma coated wire. Click to zoom.

blac technology 500x

Gamma coating 500x

blac technology wire will be launched in two different versions: blacspark H, which is a high tensile strength wire recommended for up to four cuts, will initially be offered in diameters of 0.20 / 0.25 / 0.30 mm. blacspark S is a soft version designed for taper cutting and will be available in early summer. It is also recommended for four cuts and will be initially offered in diameters of 0.25 and 0.30 mm.

Both products are available with DIN125, DIN160, DIN200, DIN250, P5, P10 and P15 spool types. Aside from differences in tensile strength, both blacspark H and blacspark S will support the highest possible level of energy efficiency.


  • Higher speed than beta-gamma coated wire
  • Designed for highspeed cutting
  • 20% faster than gamma phase wires 
  • 40% faster than brass wires
  • Highest level of energy efficiency

Core material

blacspark H technical data

Core CuZn37
Surface Reconstituted structure
Color Black
Tensile strength 900 MPa / 130,000 PSI
Elongation 1%
Conductivity 20% IACS
Diameter 0.20 / 0.25 / 0.30 mm

Product highlights

  • A flat reconstituted layer on the wire surface ensures fast and stable discharging
  • Metallographical reconstituted structure: beta + cone cracks + black layer.
  • Black color product surface that is different from traditional EDM wire

blac machine setting recommendations

Manufacturer Machine Setting Recommendations
Agie AC Progress V/VP VS900 Appropriately increase "P" one or two notches to increase speed
Charmilles x40/x40cc/x40SL Brass (Standard) Appropriately lower "B" or increase "FF" one or two notches to increase speed
GFMS E350/P350/Cut2000 VS900 Appropriately increase "P" one or two notches to increase speed
Sodick AlN/AG/AD series Brass (Standard) Appropriately increase "ON" or lower "OFF" one or two notches to increase speed
Mitsubishi MV/Fa series Brass (Standard) Appropriately increase "E" one or two notches to increase speed
Seibu M50A/M50B Brass (Standard) Appropriately increase "ENERGY" one or two notches to increase speed
Makino U3/U6 Brass (Standard) Appropriately increase "EZ" one or two notches to increase speed
FANUC α-C400/α-C600 Brass (Standard) Appropriately increase "ON" or lower "OFF" one or two notches to increase speed

Additional machine settings notes

  • blacspark wire is the high-speed wire series, the processing condition is suggested to be controlled within 4 cutting times to get a better performance
  • If the wire breakage occurs in the processing, adjust the above parameters in reverse by one to two notches
  • The Old Mitsubishi FA series machinery have the potential risk which as the color of wire is darkly black with a lower light sensitivity,  the wire may cannot be sensed by the light sensor and the wire will fail to auto-threading. We suggest replacing the new generation light sensor
  • The old Sodick AQ series machine may have the wire breakage risk due to poor flushing or poor working conditions, so the machine is recommended to keep a good maintenance

blacspark flyer

You will find all the information about blacspark summarized in our flyer:

blacspark factory packaging

Spool Type Weight / Spool Spools / Carton Weight / Carton
P5 5 kg 4 20 kg
P10 10 kg 2 20 kg
P15 20 kg 1 20 kg
DIN125 4 kg 4 16 kg
DIN160 8 kg 2 16 kg
DIN200 16 kg 1 16 kg
DIN250 25 kg 1 25 kg

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