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Development partnerships for individualized solutions

Our innovative spirit and capabilities have earned us the reputation of a pioneer throughout all generations of wire. Far beyond specialist circles, we are regarded as so-called "first movers." Based on more than 40 years of experience in the production of EDM wires, we can proudly say that our customers benefit from the resulting optimized and stable production processes. Continuous research and development processes for new EDM wires provide this support, as do projects with renowned research institutes. This is where our comprehensive know-how in the field of EDM fundamentals is particularly valued. This also applies to bedraWELDING. Over the years, we have built up a good reputation here and are a widely recognized development partner for the automotive and supplier industries. And that's not all: In the wide range of bedraELAS, for example, we are a valued partner for the development of innovative solutions for anchor wires.

Our success is based on systematic and understandable processes. We have defined the principles of research & development in eight key points. In addition to complying with legal and regulatory requirements, we adhere to the following internal rules:

  • Business-oriented approach (customer orientation)
    Our customers’ requirements are the focus of our actions. We strive to exceed customer expectations.
  • Leadership
    Our managers create the preconditions for employees to commit themselves fully to achieving our goals.
  • Employee involvement
    All employees are specifically qualified for their tasks and supported in their further training. Open communication promotes quality, environmental awareness, and efficient collaboration.
  • A system-oriented approach
    Recognizing, understanding and controlling processes contributes to our effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Continuous improvement
    Continuously improving processes is our permanent goal. We pursue a zero-defect strategy.
  • Factual approach to decision-making
    Effective decisions are based on an objective analysis of information and data.
  • Environmental protection
    By continuously modernizing our machinery and production processes, we minimize our impact on the environment.
  • Management responsibility
    Management ensures the effectiveness of the agreement and is committed to meeting the requirements.

The heart of our research and development is the Berkenhoff Competence Center. Many patents and product innovations have their origin here. Close interaction with our marketing and sales departments ensures that the latest market analyses are incorporated into our research and development work, as are suggestions from our customers. We also collaborate exclusively with many OEMs. In all this work, our focus is on key factors like performance and reliability.

Internal measuring techniques guarantee top quality.

To ensure the highest quality standards, we have a complete network of different measuring techniques in our production and development areas:

  • General testing methods
    In addition to light microscopes, we also use scanning electron microscopes for surface and material assessment. In addition, we meticulously check the dimensions of the wires (height, width and diameter). Factors such as strength and elongation are tested using tensile and compression tests. Further test methods are hardness test, straightness test regarding cast (impact test), twist, and camber (saber test). Conductivity measurements are standard practice in our production process.
  • EDM tests
    We use our own EDM machines to extensively test our products. We check all parameters and carry out benchmark tests with products from our competitors.
  • Tests in the field of ELAS
    We check the electric resistance of ELAS resistance wires. For applications in thermo elements we test the thermoelectric voltage at the same time. Electronic wires undergo extensive testing with regard to their aging ability, brazability, layer thickness, edge radii, and roughness.
  • Welding tests
    We ensure product quality in the area of welding by measuring surface contamination, for example.

Measurement techniques for industry 4.0

We like to proactively embrace modern production conditions with our customers. To this end, we adapt our portfolio of measurement techniques to the exact requirements of our customers’ production sites. For example, we measure the temperature of wires during production. Our goal is to optimize our customers' processes in real time on the spot. Data recordings for process control and improvement, such as vibration measurements of machines, provide us with the necessary information to optimize processes for the long term.

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