High-tech precision wires – made by bedra

Customers trust our performance.

As a premium brand for fine wires of copper and copper alloys, we guarantee all our customers products and services that meet these requirements. We accept no compromises in our product and service quality. Our customers benefit from our extensive range of alloys, designs, and dimensions.

More than 100 different alloy versions are impressive proof of our performance capability. We only use metals of the highest quality as starting materials. Our customers benefit directly from this:  Using metals of the highest quality allows comprehensive coverage of the complete range of wires from our production.

Reproducible premium quality

We make considerable efforts to safeguard our well-known high product quality. In addition to the quality of materials used, in-house production is an important element to ensure the demand for premium quality. The in-house concept provides many advantages for all parties involved. From the smelting of the metals to the final packaging, all work steps are carried out independently in our factories. This ensures the high quality of our products.

Furthermore, the in-house concept allows us to fully track all processes. Extensive quality checks mean that we keep a constant eye on our entire production process. These checks are integrated into a comprehensive quality management system that extends to all areas of the company. On this basis, we can ensure that our product quality is one hundred percent reproducible at all times.

Advantages for our customers

By being so meticulous we create added value for our customers. In addition to our well-known high quality level, we can reproduce alloys at any time. Contamination is virtually eliminated due to our process reliability and constant monitoring. That is why we can turn the narrowest alloy tolerances into the standard.

When rolling, we achieve high-precision wire diameters regardless of the respective wire geometry and significantly undercut standard tolerances. During annealing, we achieve microstructural transformations. Unwanted embrittling of the metal is prevented. And in the field of electroplating, our customers benefit from a range of coating versions with impressive uniformity.

Compliance with environmental requirements

We regard careful treatment of the environment as an important component of our premium production strategy. Even during the smelting of metals, we rely on resource-saving processes. We minimize emissions wherever possible. The same applies to the handling of primary energy. For this reason, we continually optimize our processes for energy use as well, and rely on new technological approaches if they offer advantages in terms of energy consumption. We completely dispense with the use of lead. We have been certified in accord with DIN EN ISO 50001:2018,  DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 for our comprehensive efforts to protect the environment.

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