Understanding environmental protection as an opportunity

Resource-saving use of materials and energy

In modern production environments, environmental awareness is just as important as economic and social issues. We’re firmly convinced of this, and that’s why we devote a lot of attention to ecological challenges. So it’s not surprising that we, as a self-confident brand, give great importance to sustainable corporate management and development. We group all of this together under the name bedraGREEN. Anyone who wants to act in an environmentally conscious manner has to make a number of adjustments in a company.

Experience has shown the usefulness of involving the workforce in this right away. This helps employees see the importance of conserving air, soil and water as well as of raw-material resources. At the same time, measures like these help to avoid high resource use and waste. In parallel with this, we have to check the production processes and the input materials for their environmental compatibility. When necessary, we have to find alternatives.

Ecological changes create economic advantages.

Basically, our opinion is: Environmental protection doesn’t necessarily have to raise costs. In many cases, ecologically-induced changes can even bring economic benefits. This is especially true with conservation of materials and energy. We can see that the legal requirements for environmental protection are constantly increasing.

Wherever possible, we meet these challenges with proactive measures. Measures integrated into production are more important to us than adding environmental protection on downstream activities. We’re constantly developing new ideas (e.g. bedra360​​​​​​​) that go beyond fulfilling the requirements placed on us.

Proactively promoting environmental protection

Our certifications provide impressive evidence of our efforts to protect the environment. Our company is certified according to the following standards:

With this certification, we meet the legal requirements. With a series of additional measures, we will build a reputation for environmental friendliness analogous to the reputation for our products and services.

At the moment, we are focusing increasingly on avoiding waste, protecting our employees and neighbors from noise emissions, and constantly optimizing our production processes. Another focus of our environmental protection efforts is the development of a sustainability concept under the name bedra360.

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