Unique selling points generate added value

Processing reliability that meets the highest demands

Trust is good; control is better. In the context of our premium strategy, the well-known adage takes on a new meaning. We understand control as a complete cycle of "plan-do-check-act". In our interpretation, our customers profit directly from it. As a manufacturer of high-tech precision wires, we are one of the few global suppliers to offer all services from a single source – from casting, rolling, drawing, annealing, and electroplating to the packaged end product and delivery to the customer.

Such an approach contributes directly to product quality. This enables us to track all our processes back 100% so we can ensure consistently high quality. At the same time, we achieve a processing reliability that meets the highest demands.

The basis of our premium claim

Having our own foundries gives us an important unique selling point. Here, we process metals of the highest quality and establish the basis for our premium claim. Extensive analysis ensures this quality.
The results yield more than 100 different alloy versions. With this effort, we clearly set ourselves apart from our competitors. The same applies to the area of research and development. Our efforts produce valuable results, not only for monitoring and improving our own processes.

We work together closely with our customers on their product development, including their value chains. Or our engineers will optimize processes for product improvement, for example with tolerances. The heart of our research and development is the Berkenhoff Competence Center (BCC). It is the home of our company’s inventor spirit. Innovations see the light of day here. Our experts, modern machines, and close work together with industry and universities make unique research results possible within short development times.

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