bercotherm® C - The cost-effective alternative to resistance wires made of copper-nickel alloys

In our series of topics "Did you know?..." we regularly give you insights into the working world of bedra. Today everything revolves around our bercotherm® C resistance wire - the cost-effective and patented alternative to classic copper-nickel alloys.

Did you know that you have certainly already come into contact with our bercotherm® resistance wire? The main task of bercotherm® resistance wire, also known as heating conductor wire, is to convert electrical energy into thermal energy. This is why our resistance wire is commonly used for seat heating, electric blankets, floor heating or even electrofusion sockets.

Not all applications will require the use of expensive Cu-Ni alloys. By using nickel-free alloys, you achieve a significant reduction in material costs, with the same resistance values. We have developed the bercotherm® C family for precisely this purpose:

bercotherm® C product family

Our bercotherm® C product family, made with a brass alloy, is a cost-effective alternative to the classic copper-nickel alloy (CuNi) solutions found in the market today. Our products are specially developed for low-temperature applications and offer the following advantages:

  • Identical resistance values compared to classic copper-nickel alloys
  • Identical German-engineered quality and reliability
  • Proven alloy performance comparable to those used in DIN 17471 applications
  • Up to 40% cost reduction
  • Patented technology

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