It’s the time of year to say “Thanks!”

We want to say thank you. In appreciation of your loyalty and support to bedra, we are rewarding you with a free gift!  This year we provide not only one but two benefits for you. 

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Complete the form below and we’ll send you a free mask and some bedra stickers so you can be safe in your workplace while showing your bedra pride! 

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Purchase bedra wire and receive a cash rebate:

Spend $200 to $999.99 and get 2% cash rebate

Spend $1,000 to $2,499.99 and get 3% cash rebate

Spend $2,500 or more and get 4% cash rebate

You can use this cash towards the future purchase of bedra wire. The rebate will be issued in the form of a gift card.  Purchases made between November 1st, 2020 and January 31st, 2021 are eligible for rebate.  Multiple purchases (invoices) may be used to qualify for rebate tiers, however only one rebate submission will be accepted.  All submissions must be received by January 31st, 2021 to receive credit.

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    Please fill out the contact form below to get a bedra mask & bedra stickers and rebate. Upload your invoice for rebate submission.

    Please note the rebate submission rules.

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          Free Gift and Rebate Submission Rules

          • Purchases must be made between November 1st, 2020 and January 31st, 2021
          • Proper documentation must be submitted for a valid rebate to be issued.  Acceptable forms of documentation are copies of invoices from authorized dealers.  Personal or Confidential information should be redacted to maintain safety for all companies involved
          • Invoices used for documentation may only be submitted for rebate once
          • Only one rebate submission per company is allowed
          • All submissions must be received by January 31st, 2021 to received credit
          • Rebates and free gifts will be processed and mailed up to 4-8 weeks after the promotional period ends
          • All submissions must be made using the online submission interface above
          • One free gift package per individual

          Authorized dealers and resellers are not eligible for the rebate portion of this promotion.  However, they are eligible for the free gift!

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          Have you heard about our new innovations?

          We have expanded our EDM wire range. The new highlights gapstar® ONE and betterbrass, cover a wide range of applications and convince with high cutting performance.

          gapstar® ONE - the new EDM high performance wire with TRIMPAC® technology

          Introducing gapstar® ONE, the first new wire with bedra’s TRIMPAC® technology. 
          gapstar® ONE delivers unparalleled performance, up to 60% faster cutting than brass wire, while maintaining a competitive price. 
          TRIMPAC® stands for Triple Impact Sheath - meaning that three major technology components are combined within one coating:
          •    Thin oxidic films
          •    an optimally elevated zinc content 
          •    and a special surface structure
          The new wire generation delivers significantly faster cutting speed than older generation wires such as cobracut, broncocut, and topas. gapstar® ONE raises your throughput up to 60% versus brass wire. When you take into account two important elements of staying competitive: wire consumption and hourly machine rate- your production cost will be lowered by more than 37%!

          gapstar® ONE is available in 3 wire versions, which differ from each other only in terms of their strength and therefore also in their elongation behavior.

          Discover gapstar® ONE.9 Discover gapstar® ONE.5 Discover gapstar® ONE.4


          • gapstar® ONE - the new EDM high performance wire with the bedra TRIMPAC technology. 

          betterbrass - the revolution for plain brass wires

          bedra combines a better continuous casting process with better heat treatment methodologies to create an unparalleled new EDM wire: betterbrass. Our engineers created a plain wire electrode comprised of a completely new alloy that delivers up to 10% faster cutting speeds than traditional brass wire.Faster eroding. Less wire consumption. Lower wire costs. This is exactly what you get with betterbrass - the revolution for plain brass wires.

          This electrode utilizes innovative and efficient production processes to deliver performance never before seen in a traditional brass wire.

          • Extremely reliable performance
          • Plug-and-Play on all machine types
          • Cuts up to 10% faster than traditional brass wire

          Discover betterbrass now

          • betterbrass - Faster eroding. Less wire consumption. Lower wire costsThis is exactly what you get with betterbrass - the revolution for plain brass wires.

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