Optical wire (tin bronze)

Tin bronze optical wires from bedra make an impression by a flawless surface finish which is required by all renowned optical manufacturers.

Fields of application


Physical properties

Density (kg/dm³) 8.8
Melting range (°C) 910 - 1040
E-Modulus (kN/mm²) 115
Thermal conductivity (W/m*K) 75
Coefficient of thermal expansion (10-6/K) 18.5
Electrical conductivity (MS/m) 7

Standardization and composition

Standard designation CuSn6
DIN 17662
Material no. 2.1022
DIN EN 12166 CW452K
Cu balance
Sn 6
P 0.2
Others max. 0.5

Other tech. values

Annealing temp. (°C) 380 - 450
Hardness annealed (HV) 90
Hardness 80% reduced (HV) 290

Delivery program

Profiles Round wires / square profiles / flat wires / special profiles
Surface coatings Several electroplated coatings, upon request
Make-ups Spools / coils / rods / drums

Further product information

Please contact me and my team

Benjamin Mülders

Benjamin Mülders

Resistance & Special Wire Sales
bedra Germany

George Kelley

George Kelley

Sales Manager Welding & ELAS North America
bedra USA

Shawn Lv

Shawn Lv

Sales Manager ELAS Asia (without China)
bedra Hong Kong

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