bedra electronic wire Ns1775 out of a nickel silver alloy for various applications (ribbons, heating conductors / resistance wire, special cables, bobbins, connectors, etc.).

Standardization and composition

Norm CuNi18Zn27
DIN 17663
Alloy composition Average values according to standard (%)
Cu 55.0
Zn balance
Ni 18.0
Mn 0.35
Others max. 0.5

Physical properties

Density (kg/dm³) 8.7
Melting range (°C) 1030 - 1055
E-Modulus (kN/mm²) 125
Thermal conductivity (W / m x K) 29
Coefficient of linear mean expansion (10-6/K) 16.7
Electric conductivity (m / Ω x mm²) 3.2
Electric conductivity (IACS %) ~ 5
Resistivity (Ω x mm² /m) 0.3125

Further product information

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Ute Schmidt

Ute Schmidt

Electronic Wires Sales for Europe
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George Kelley

George Kelley

Sales Manager Welding & ELAS North America
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Shawn Lv

Shawn Lv

Sales Manager ELAS Asia (without China)
bedra Hong Kong

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