megacut® pro TWO

The second generation brass wire for Japanese EDM machines

megacut® pro TWO is now the result of a careful adaptation of the wire properties to the conditions of the most modern machine series of Japanese OEMs.


  • Significant increase in surface cleanliness
  • Increase of tensile strength from 900 MPa to 1,000 MPa
  • Adjustment of diameter tolerance


  • Longer maintenance-free machining cycles
  • Guaranteed maximum threading safety even under difficult conditions, typical for serial production
  • Tight tolerances for modern closed wire guides

Further information can be found in the megacut® pro TWO brochure.

Download megacut® pro TWO brochure

PDF Datasheet

Technical data

Core CuZn37
Coating Paraffin-free
Tensile strength 1.000 MPa / 145,000 PSI
Elongation >1%
Color Gold


Delivery program

Run-off-times wire electrodes

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Stefan Flügge

Stefan Flügge

Director Sales & Marketing EDM

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