gapstar® ONE.9

gapstar® ONE.9

New generation of high performance EDM-wires with bedra TRIMPAC® technology

The new EDM high performance wire with the bedra TRIMPAC® technology. From the strengths of the wire generations cobracut®, broncocut® and topas® bedra developed the new coating technology TRIMPAC®.The result is gapstar® ONE EDM wire. 

  • The revolution in speed and precision
  • Significant increase of feed rates in rough cut and trimcuts without adjustments
  • Reduced abrasion of wire preserves wire guides and power contacts
  • Novel TRIMPAC® coating enables roughness on the workpiece of Ra= 0.25 µm
  • Reliable, automatic wire threading
  • Unprecedented cutting performance for a wide range of applications 
  • Uncompromising precision and surface quality
  • lncreased stiffness and excellent straightness for automatic threading  

Further information can be found in the gapstar® ONE product video or in the gapstar® ONE brochure.

Watch gapstar® ONE video

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Technical data

Core CuZn37
Tensile strength 900 MPa / 130,000 PSI
Elongation >1%
Color Amber brown


gapstar® ONE.9 - Cross-section

Delivery program

Run-off-times wire electrodes

Further product information

Please contact me and my team

Holger Seyock

Holger Seyock

Sales Director EDM Europe
bedra Germany

Stefan Fluegge

Stefan Fluegge

Global Sales Director OEM EDM
bedra Germany

Chris Frost

Chris Frost

Sales Director EDM North America
bedra USA

Willy Gao

Willy Gao

Sales Director EDM Asia (without China)
bedra Hong Kong

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