CuMg 0,1

Range of application

CuMg 0,1

bedra electronic wire made of a highly conductive alloy can be seen in diverse applications (e.g. ribbon, wire for heating cable / resistance wire, special cable, bobbin, connector)

Standard designation and composition

DINnot standardized
Alloy compositionAverage values (%)
Othersmax. 0,5

Physical standard data

Melting range°C1080
E-ModuluskN/mm²~ 125
Thermal conductivityW/m • K~ 320
Coefficient of linear mean expansion10-6/K17,5
Electric conductivityS x m/mm²~ 47
Electric conductivityIACS %~ 81
ResistivityΩ x mm² /m0,0213

Further product information

bedra electronics

In this brochure you will find all details about bedra wires for electronic applications.

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