bercoweld K8

Range of application

bercoweld K8

Copper wire (rod), silver- alloyed, with a slightly higher percentage of phosphorus, suitable for TIG- and gas welding. Good flowing properties of the welding material. High electric conductivity, viscous weld pool. Preheating for wall thicknesses of more than 3 mm (approx. 100°C for every mm of sheet thickness, not more than 600°C

Standard designation and composition

ISO 24373CuAg1 Cu1897
Othersmax. 0,5

Physical standard data

Melting range°C1070-1080
Thermal conductivityW / m x K220-315
Coefficient of linear mean expansion10-6/K17,7
Electric conductivitym / Ω x mm²38-40
ResistivityΩ x mm² /m0,025-0,0263

Mechanical properties of the weld joint, standard data

Heat treatment non treated
Tensile strengthN/mm²200
Brinell hardnessHB 2,5/62,560
Notched bar impact testAv (J)75

Delivery programme

Drum / bedrabox175 - 200 kg0,80 - 1,60 mm
SD300 / BS300 / K30012 - 15 kg0,80 - 2,40 mm
H500 / H560 / H760150 - 250 kg0,80 - 2,40 mm
Coils25 - 100 kg1,60 - 6,00 mm
Rodse250 - 3000 mm1,60 - 6,00 mm

Recommended inert gas

Argon4.8/ 5.0/ 5.3/ 5.6/ 6.0

Further product information

bercoweld K8

Data sheet for bercoweld K8.

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bercoweld catalogue

In this brochure you will find all details about bercoweld brazing and welding wires.

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