bercoweld K3

Range of application

bercoweld K3

Special copper wire for the production of coated electrodes. Appropriate to electric arc welding of copper, the joining of copper on steel, grey cast iron and nickel alloys of 3 mm wall thickness and more, particularly suitable for large work pieces.

Pulsed arc welding is recommended. Preheating of the base material is usually not required.

Standard designation and composition

ISO 24373CuZ (CuP)
P0,05 - 0,07

Physical standard data

Melting range°Cca. 1080
Thermal conductivityW / m x K293-364
Coefficient of linear mean expansion10-6/K17
Electric conductivitym / Ω x mm²41-52
ResistivityΩ x mm² /m0,0192-0,0244

Mechanical properties of the weld joint, standard data

Heat treatment non treated
Tensile strengthN/mm²220
Brinell hardnessHB 2,5/62,550
Notched bar impact testAv (J)65

Delivery programme

Drum / bedrabox175 - 200 kg0,80 - 1,60 mm
SD300 / BS300 / K30012 - 15 kg0,80 - 2,40 mm
H500 / H560 / H760150 - 250 kg0,80 - 2,40 mm
Coils25 - 100 kg1,60 - 6,00 mm
Rods250 - 3000 mm1,60 - 6,00 mm

Recommended inert gas

Argon4.8/ 5.0/ 5.3/ 5.6/ 6.0

Further product information

bercoweld K3

Data sheet for bercoweld K3.

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