Partnership between bedra and Makino

bedra and Makino are connected by a long-standing partnership. Together, we develop products that are precisely tailored to the requirements of Makino EDM machines. This means that the perfect settings can be set quickly. Hence, productivity increases. The topas H.E.A.T., topas H.E.A.T. Extreme and Hypercut were developed to achieve the best results on the Makino EDM machines. Discover unmatched cutting speed and reliability.

Products we developed together

topas® H.E.A.T. - high efficiency applied technology

  • topas® H.E.A.T. is a high speed wire designed in cooperation with Makino for U3 / U6 H.E.A.T. machines
  • New benchmark of productivity designated for various applications:
    - Cutting-off 3D printed parts
    - Difficult to machine alloys like nickel alloys
    - Tall mold and die parts
    - Tall machine parts
  • 90% speed increase vs. 0.010” Ø brass wire
  • Innovative coating technology allows for top cutting speed with reduced wire speed and hence low wire cost
  • Mechanical properties adapted for perfect auto-threading

Discover topas® H.E.A.T. Purchase topas® H.E.A.T(USA only) 

topas® H.E.A.T. Extreme - world’s first EDM wire available in 0.016”Ø

  • topas® H.E.A.T. Extreme is the world’s first EDM wire available in 0.016” Ø, and is outfitted with new and innovative coating technologies that have been optimized for Makino’s U6 H.E.A.T. Extreme Wire EDM machine
  • Innovative coating technology utilizes a unique hybrid zinc-enriched double layer that provides several machining benefits
    - Achieve top cutting speeds
    - Reduced wire consumption rates
    - Reliable Auto-Threading
    - Lower Manufacturing Costs
  • Twice as fast as 0.010” Ø brass wire with no increase in wire consumption rates
  • Helps reduce part cycle time while consuming less wire (lowers manufacturing costs)

Purchase topas® H.E.A.T. Extreme (USA only)

topas® H.E.A.T. - high efficiency applied technology
topas® H.E.A.T. - high efficiency applied technology

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topas® H.E.A.T. Extreme is a high speed wire designed in cooperation with Makino for U6 H.E.A.T. Extreme machines

HyperCut - superior quality and surface finish

  • HyperCut is a gamma phase wire for high cutting speed, excellent precision and surface quality
  • Created to provide superior part accuracy and exceptional surface finish
  • Optimized for use on Makino machines offering HyperCut technology
  • Initial test results show that bedra HyperCut wire can provide as much as a 20 % increase in machining speeds compared to using standard brass wire.
  • HyperCut wire offers superior auto-threading and cleanliness, and it is available in .010” and .012” diameter.
  • perfectly suitable for Makino U3i

Purchase HyperCut (USA only)

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