Press release: ​​​​​​​bercobrush® arrow & octopus set new standards in the brush industry

Berkenhoff has developed two new anchor wires


Berkenhoff, a leading manufacturer of anchor wires, launched two new products under its bedra brand: thebercobrush® arrow & bercobrush® octopus. Both offer increased tuft retention and enable a new generation of sustainable toothbrushes made from bamboo and wood along with advanced, miniature brushheads.

Barbs for increased extraction force

bercobrush® arrow is aimed at manufacturers of bamboo and wooden toothbrushes. The special characteristics of the material place increased demands on the anchor wire. The 15N required by the DIN standard can be met by bercobrush® arrow.

The bercobrush® arrow design is based on the barbs of plants and animals, making it difficult to pull out. Tests show tuft retention is more than 100% higher than commercially available bamboo toothbrushes today. Due to the arrow-like shape of the wire, the fibres are smoothly displaced when punched into the bamboo without causing deformation. Due to the relaxation of the bamboo, the fibres are distributed into the barbs, thus increasing the retention of the tufts. This results in the following advantage for the processor:

1. No deformation of the anchors.

2. The filaments are not destroyed.

3. Problems caused by the lack of dimensional accuracy of the bamboo toothbrush body are offset by increased extraction force.

Increased groove structure

bercobrush® octopus gets its name from its tentacle structure on the surface, which is similar to that of an octopus. The resulting maximum possible arrangement of the groove structure increased the extraction force enormously. This leads to a lower weight per meter and enables a reduction in size of the toothbrush heads. Compared to a double-sided triple grooved wire, bercobrush octopus utilizes 3% less materials per meter and up to 9% less compared to single-sided triple grooved wire. Tests show the tuft retention of bercobrush octopus  is up to 20% higher than that of commercially available plastic toothbrushes, without deformation during punching.

Technical data

The bercobrush® arrow is an anchor wire for bamboo and wooden toothbrush manufacturers. It is available in the dimension 2x0,3mm in nickel silver or brass.

Thebercobrush® octopus is an anchor wire for plastic toothbrush manufacturers. It is available in the dimensions 1,40x0,25mm in nickel silver or brass.


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