Guest lecture by Dr. Tobias Nöthe at the 12th symposium on electrical discharge machining

The 7th wire generation of electrical discharge machining - lecture at the 12th symposium on electrical discharge machining (RWTH Aachen) by bedra CTO Dr. Tobias Nöthe.

At the 12th symposium of the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering of the RWTH Aachen bedra CTO Dr. Tobias Nöthe will give a guest lecture on the topic "The 7th wire generation: the new standard for productivity in EDM cutting".
Since 1988, the event in Aachen has regularly provided an overview of the current state of research and development as well as the industrial implementation of this technology. It is aimed at specialists, managers and end users who use spark erosion as a manufacturing process. The focus is on new developments in the field of machines and tool materials, which increase productivity and efficiency. 
Further information about the event can be found here.

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