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Did you know? ... As early as 1889, the working methods of the company founder Carl Berkenhoff with his "fine wire drawing facility" in Herborn-Merkenbach were characterized by one central idea: to offer his customers more than others... ?
For more than 130 years, this fundamental understanding of customer focus has become our keystone.

Today our products and services are represented in over 50 countries. Customers worldwide value bedra as a reliable partner for sustainable solutions in the fields of innovative high-tech precision wires for spark erosion, welding and brazing technology, electronic components, and special applications. 

Having our own foundries
 gives us an important unique selling point. We are one of the few global manufacturers of precision wires that can control the entire production chain ourselves: Casting, rolling, drawing, annealing and electroplating. This is why we can respond to the requests of our customers with precision. In addition, we are also able to produce alloys according to individual requirements in a very unique way and can adapt surfaces and sizes to the desired specifications of our customers. This is our definition of flexibility.

That´s why we produce around 30 million kilometers of precision wire in over 100 different alloys. Year after year. With consistent high quality. 

To put it in better context: The wire that we manufacture at our sites in Heuchelheim and Herborn could wrap around the earth 750 times!

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Berkenhoff GmbH (headquarters)

  • Kinzenbach plant
  • Berkenhoffstrasse 14
  • 35452 Heuchelheim
  • Germany

Berkenhoff GmbH

  • Merkenbach plant
  • Rehmühle 1
  • 35745 Herborn
  • Germany

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