Did you know? ... Our patented EDM wire generation TRIMPAC®

Did you know? ... that  in 2019 we launched a new generation of EDM wire under the name TRIMPAC® and that this coating technology is patented?

From the strengths of our classic wire generations cobracut®broncocut® and topas®, bedra developed the new coating technology TRIMPAC®TRIMPAC® stands for "Triple Impact Sheath", which ultimately means that the coating combines three effects:

1. The wire has a thin oxide layer that acts like a semiconductor and prevents faulty discharges, which improves the cutting quality.
2. The increased zinc content of the sheath increases abrasion, while at the same time improving wear resistance.
3. The surface has a special structure, which has a positive effect on the cutting performance and cutting quality.

As a result of the combined three effects, wires with TRIMPAC® coating technology achieve significantly higher cutting performance levels than the wires of its predecessors.

TRIMPAC® coating technology can be found in our new EDM high-performance wire generation gapstar® ONE.
Through field tests and lab results we have shown the use of gapstar® ONE vs. bare brass wire will result in cost savings of more than 37 percent for the same application. With gapstar® ONE, considerably higher productivity can be achieved compared to conventional EDM wire, thereby improving the capacity utilization of EDM machines.
Factoring in wire costs, machine costs, wire consumption and cutting performance, the use of gapstar® ONE will prove that considerably higher productivity can be achieved compared to conventional EDM wire.
Give gapstar® ONE a try a you will see an improved capacity utilization of EDM machines

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