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gapstar® ONE - the new EDM high performance wire with the bedra TRIMPAC® technology
gapstar® ONE - the new EDM high performance wire with the bedra TRIMPAC® technology

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gapstar® ONE product details

gapstar® ONE, the new Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) high-performance wire with bedra Triple Impact Sheath (TRIMPAC®) technology, delivers up to 60% faster cutting speed compared to plain brass wire and reduces total production costs by up to 37% due to decreased wire consumption and hourly machine rate. The following graphics show you the details. Click to zoom:

The new TRIMPAC® coating combines three major technologies:

These innovations lead to unprecedented cutting performance for a wide range of applications from simple cuts to complex contours, uncompromised precision and surface quality, as well as increased stiffness and excellent straightness for automatic threading.

As a pioneer in EDM wire, bedra considered the best features of its high-performance wires from former generations—cobracut®broncocut® and topas®—to invent this new groundbreaking electrode.

The following graphic shows how gapstar® ONE outperforms other wires:

Furthermore, gapstar® ONE is compatible with the existing settings for almost all machine manufacturers.

gapstar® ONE is available in three versions - gapstar® ONE.9, gapstar® ONE.5, and gapstar® ONE.4 - differing in their strength and elongation behavior. The following graphic shows the wire variants:

See the 3 gapstar® ONE wire versions in detail:

Discover gapstar® ONE.9 Discover gapstar® ONE.5 Discover gapstar® ONE.4


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Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith

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gapstar® ONE brochure

You will find all details about gapstar® ONE in our brochure:

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