bedra Production

Quality and flexibility through process self-sufficiency

Made in Germany

Be it wires for spark erosion, brazing and welding, electronics or special applications: bedra products have been manufactured for more than 125 years at both German locations in Hesse.

Own foundry

The basis for our precision wires is the own foundry of bedra, in which only pure new metals are melted.

Leadership position

bedra high performance wire stands for precision, reliability and many other advantages. These attributes have led to bedra's leadership position in the market.

Electronic wire

bedra is the leading manufacturer of electronic wires. At our German locations we produce square profiles as well as flat and round wires which can be requested with various highly precise serrated finishes.


On our own electroplating, we provide our fine wires partly with several functional layers and thus making our wires to unique products.

As the only manufacturer of fine wires, we offer the complete production service from a single source:

All production steps, from casting via rolling and drawing, annealing and electroplating through to the final packaging are performed in-house. This independence gives us the flexibility to tailor our products to suit the needs of each individual customer. More than one hundred years of experience shows in every bedra wire.

bedra - Foundry

Since we use exclusively virgin metals, our products are absolutely pure alloys. The bedra foundry is the basis for short development times for new alloys. Each meter of wire which was produced at bedra can be traced back to the foundry. In this way, we have the high quality of our products under our own control at all production stages: An invaluable advantage for our customers.

bedra - Electroplating

Our own electroplating with its wire plating equipment is the key technology for high-quality electronic, EDM and speciality wires. Here, highly complex wires, partly with a multi-layer coating, are produced on the basis of our own patents.

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