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bedra specialties

Anchor wires - optic wires - resistance wires - special wires

bedra Ankerstanzdraht anchor wire
bedra Widerstandsdraht resistance wire

Wherever you are and whatever you do, you will find bedra wires in many specialty markets. Be it fine wires for packagings or wires for medical technology: With our special wires you always make the right choice.

For example, it’s the bedra anchor wires that will actually make toothbrushes complete, high-quality glasses are manufactured from bedra optical wires and bedra resistance wires give off cosiness heat.

bedra Ankerstanzdraht anchor wire
bedra Optikdraht optic wire
bedra Widerstandsdraht resistance wire


  • Anchor wire
    Anchor wires – ungrooved, single-sided or double-sided grooved
  • Optic wire
    Optic wires with a flawless surface finish


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Resistance wire for low temperature application

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